EZ-Steer Fit Guide

  1. Select a Primary. This can include an Outboard Motor, Sail Rudder or I/O.
  2. Then select an Auxiliary. There is a list of specific models that we support. If your motor is not on our list then select the "Not Listed" option. If the motor you select has a Short Shaft select the check box.
  3. Once your motors are selected then choose which Center to Center distance is correct for your setup. This will be the total distance from the middle/center of your Primary to the middle/center of your Auxiliary.
  4. Once the Center to Center distance has been chosen, your EZ-Steer Kit Number for your boat will be displayed.
  5. If your Primary or Auxiliary cannot be found on the list or if there are any other questions, please call 651-486-2010 and request the EZ-Steer option (during normal business hours) and we'll be happy to assist you.


 Click here if your Auxiliary has a Short Shaft
Center to Center Distance from Primary to Auxiliary: